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to the girl who hurt me (a poem)

As a quick preface to this- I went through a lot of friendship drama a couple years ago, and this poem is a sum up of all my feelings towards the event. Obviously, I use no names, but that’s just background information. I’m much happier now and have better friends. Without further ado, the poem:

This is to the girl who hurt me

This is to the girl who made me cry myself to sleep

This is to the girl who left a hole in my heart so deep

I could barely make friends again

Thanks for making me stronger, I guess

I’ve never been wronger than when I decided to trust you

In middle school, it’s hard to make friends

All your old groups meet their ends

And it’s hard to be alone

But it’s harder to feel lonely

When you’re surrounded

This is to the girl who didn’t care

This is to the girl who wasn’t fair

Who’d scold me for doing something she did

All because god forbid

Someone come ‘challenge you’

This is to the girl who wanted to lead

The girl who made me think all I’d need

To be happy was a group

To fit in

I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin

Everyone said you were jealous

But I didn’t believe them

Because I was the one who was jealous

I thought I was part of the group 

And that was all that mattered

When I finally learned the truth

My resolve shattered

Secrets were told to everyone but me

“I wasn’t involved”

But what I couldn’t see 

At the time

Is you had it in your mind all along

You never thought of me as your friend

You were just pushing, waiting for me to bend

You’d tell me lies to see how I’d react

So much so I stopped differentiating fake from fact

This is to the girl who made others turn against me too

Those other girls didn’t have a clue

The poison you were drilling into their brain

I wonder how many times I was your topic of conversation

How many times you insulted me without me hearing

Have you ever lay awake at night?

Thinking maybe nothing you did would ever be right

That your friends were fake but not care

Cause school is a scary place and those are the only ones you’d find there

This is to the girl who made me fall

I was running over and over again into the same wall

But I’ve found my way back up

I have real friends who care

Who are actually there

This is to the girl who’s story I’m letting go

So I don’t have to hold back

So the inner me can glow


Sometimes it’s better to let go. I can’t remove her from my school, but I can stop letting her affect me. Thanks for reading <3

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  1. Hi theree!!!!! Your websites are soooo good!!! I’m looking forward to reading more. Btw, I’m so sowwie that you got so hurt!! I feel so mad at the girl who hurt you now!! ❤❤❤

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