Up Your Online School Game

Lots of schools have adopted online schooling as a form of keeping contact to a minimum for covid safety measures. This means online meetings, lots of google docs, pictures of work, and a lot less social activities. Needless to say, it’s hard. When you’ve been used to regular schooling all your life and online school just jumps in your way,…

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Staying Productive During Thanksgiving Break

Ah yes. Thanksgiving Break. That half-a-week you get to miss school, sleep in, and on that special Thursday, become more stuffed than the traditional turkey on the table. But, if your school and teachers are anything like mine, they think that the half-a-week we have off is more like a whole 2 weeks that we have absolutely nothing at all…

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One of the hardest things to keep track of as a teen is school. There’s homework, afterschool activities, tests, exams, and all the while keeping school spirit. I want to blog about better ways to study for tests and take notes in class. I also want to use this catgory as a place to put ideas for spirit weeks and…

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