Changing Your Labels- From Aesthetic To Style

I feel like, as humans, we’re given so many labels. Race, gender, ethnicity….these are a few of the weighted ones, ones you, for the most part, cannot change. But now, there are added ones too. We’re forced to figure out our identities and choose other labels for ourselves. Sometimes simple things like finding your favorite color or ‘aesthetic’ can feel…

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Personal, Poetry

to the girl who hurt me (a poem)

As a quick preface to this- I went through a lot of friendship drama a couple years ago, and this poem is a sum up of all my feelings towards the event. Obviously, I use no names, but that’s just background information. I’m much happier now and have better friends. Without further ado, the poem: This is to the girl…

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Miscellaneous, Organization, Personal

New Year’s Reflections

Welcoming 2021 Wow. This is it. We’re hitting the home stretch of 2020. This interesting year is almost coming to an end. It’s been filled with adventures, some good, some most certainly questionable. Regardless, we’ll likely remember it for the rest of our lives. This one’s going down in the history books guys. Congrats, you officially lived through LOTS AND…

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