Hi! I am Amany, obviously. Welcome to my site!

I love to read, write, and draw. My favorite colors are pink and yellow, and I love all animals. I am a teenager and aim to help other teenagers become more organized. Some of my hobbies are writing short stories, drawing, baking, and playing my instruments(the flute and violin). I have 3 siblings-two younger and one older than me by 3 years. We get along pretty well, except for the natural fights that occur between siblings every now and then.

I’m an early bird, and often I’ll be the only person awake in my house. I love all things colorful and I’m very creative. Although I’m not very sporty, I do like volleyball and swimming. My favorite animals are penguins, cats, and flamingos.

My zodiac sign is taurus, and for fun, I like looking up things about astrology. Much like my sign suggests, I am stubborn and love food. My favorite dessert is chocolate chip cookies, and I am a pasta enthusiast.

Like I said before, I love to write, and what better way to write often than to blog? Through this blog, I want to help others while helping myself to become more organized. I hope you subscribe and enjoy my blog!

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