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2021 Bullet Journal SetUp

The numbers have spoken, and after stressfully refreshing the poll, with a majority vote, the Bullet Journal setup wins! There was a four way tie at one point, and I was so relieved when one finally took the lead. I’m also very glad this is your choice, because it forces me to actually do some bullet journaling. I can be very lazy sometimes(all the time).

During quarantine, I kind of stopped bullet journaling for a short amount of time, and had a planner with to do lists and that sort of thing, but this year I want to get back into it little by little. I think it’s more suited for me, as I don’t have to stress about empty pages since I only fill the ones I’m going to use.

Starting off the new year, I like to put just a cover page with “Happy New Year”, and then I decided to put a small goals page. It was very different from last year’s formatting, as I wasn’t focused on making resolutions but more goals towards my future. The spread was also very fun to map out.

For bullet journaling this year, I want to stick with a routine that makes me happy and keeps me organized. I don’t want to stress about it like I sometime used to do, but allow it to help me and benifit me in the right ways.

To go into my choices for my 2021 themes:

January: I chose a lunar type theme for this month because I just thought it was really pretty. I like to save winter type themes for December, and there aren’t really any big holidays (besides new years lol) in Januray , so that’s what I went with.

Feburary: For Febuary, I’m planning a valentines day theme. It’s obviously the main holiday of the month so it’s very fitting. It’s also really simple and I like that, it won’t be too hard to decide how to design my pages or color code them. Simple is usually better when it comes to planning these sorts of things.

March: For March, as you can kind of see in the little picture, I am planning a theme relating to the online game ‘among us’. To me, the game itself isn’t that great, but I find the design of it really fun and cute so that’s why I wanted to put it in. I’ve gotten quite obsessed with drawing fan art of the game, so it’ll be fun to make pages for this month.

April: Ah, April. The beginning of spring! I’ve chosen a cupcake/birthday theme for this month for obvious reasons…It’s my birthday month! Last year, my theme was more of a balloon/cake thing for April and I wanted to switch it up a bit while still maintaining the essence of a birthday theme.

May: May is when the summer is sort of right around the corner. I like to do flower themes for Maty, and this year I chose a simple doodle-like flower design that I can’t wait to make the cover page for.

June: Summer!!! Last year, I did a popsicle theme for June and it was really fun. I was a little stumped for new ideas for this year, so I did a little Pinterest browsing and found a cute pineapple theme that I thought fit nicely.

July: July is the full month of summer break. It’s chuck full of beach days, so I chose to make the theme related to the beach. I made it seashells, which, on the plus side, are pretty easy to draw.

August: I saw a quote once, “August is like the Sunday of summer” And when you think about it, it’s SO true! On Sundays, you spend time dreading school, hurrying to finish(maybe start…) your summer homework, and barely enjoy it because of the summer break days coming to an end so fast. I was stumped for ideas for this month too, but I think sunflowers are perfect. I also adore sunflowers, so it’s nice I got to fit them in somewhere.

September: September is the back to school month. The leaves start changing color, and that fall air starts coming back. It was an obvious choice for this one, some orange leaves and hot cocoa, to get me in the cozy autumn aesthetic vibe when the time comes.

October: The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind at the mention of the month of October is Halloween! Of course, naturally, the theme had to have something to do with the spooky day. Last year, I had more of an orange and black theme with jackolanterns and such, but since I was already planning an orange theme for September, I decided to something different. I did a purple and black theme with a witch hat and ghost.

November: For November, I decided to continue the cozy fall theme where it left off from September. However, I’m planning a more vintage feel for this month. Darker browns and burgundy as fall ends and winter begins soon.

December: Winter begins! I chose a simple wool hat and snowflake theme for this month. Winter starts, it starts to snow and get cold, so it only seems reasonable.

I definitely had a lot of fun choosing my themes for this year. I can’t wait to design the pages for all of them! Tell me in the comments- do you plan out your themes before hand? What’s your January theme?

22 Before 2022

After seeing this in multiple other places, I decided to give it a try myself. There are a lot of different ways to do this sort of thing, keeping the idea the same. It really depends on how many things you are planning on writing. If 22 seems like a small number to you, than by all means make a 100 before 2022 list. However, I like the way 22 Before ’22 sounds and it seems like a lot less daunting list to write than a list of one hundred. Plus, I’ll be more likely to complete everything on the list.

Think of it as a bucket list, except you’re trying to complete everything on it in the span of one year. This is different from your goals for the year. Put on this list things that are straightforward. Goals are more like things you want do get done, but this is more like hope.

Here’s how mine turned out:

It took me a little while to decide what to put on there, so my advice is don’t rush, take your time. Some of them are things I’ve wanted to do for years, so hopefully I get around to doing them this year. I plan on going back to it if I ever feel bored and then maybe I can progress on accomplishing something on there.

To Conclude…

I had lots of fun making the spreads in this post, so I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at them!

Tell me in the comments about your bullet journal endeavors, some of the things on your “22 before ’22” list, and what your favorite bullet journal themes are.

If you don’t bullet journal, or don’t know what bullet journaling is, then check this post out explaining the what, why, and how of starting a bullet journal.

Happy Bullet Journaling! 🙂

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3,984 thoughts on “2021 Bullet Journal SetUp

  1. 22 Before ’22

    1. Read 50+ books
    2. Do DuoLingo (Spanish & Latin) daily
    3. Learn Baking
    4. Try volunteering
    5. Be more open-minded and creative
    6. Take a trip to Europe
    7. Get into journaling
    8. Finish Percy Jackson series (again)
    9. Work on people skills
    10. Exercise more
    11. Go Green, help the environment
    12. Stay organized (not just for two days)
    13. Try not to go on the computer so often
    14. Spend more time with family
    15. Make a memory book
    16. Be more confident
    17. Do Cross Country and/or Track & Field
    18. Try yoga
    19. Do more things that I enjoy
    20. Be grateful
    21. Start bullet journaling
    22. Cut/Change hair

    This took my forever, but these are the 22 things I want to do before 2022. 😊

  2. Hi Amany! I really really am a fan of your website, ack!!! It’s so nice, and I like how you phrase every single thing. It’s just so…perfect!!!!!!!!

    Please reply!!!!

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