Changing Your Labels- From Aesthetic To Style

I feel like, as humans, we’re given so many labels. Race, gender, ethnicity….these are a few of the weighted ones, ones you, for the most part, cannot change.

But now, there are added ones too. We’re forced to figure out our identities and choose other labels for ourselves. Sometimes simple things like finding your favorite color or ‘aesthetic’ can feel almost stressful. I might not be making any sense here- but how many times have you felt compelled to figure out an answer to a question about yourself you may not have known yet? I can’t be the only one who gets scared at Tell me about yourself questions. And then, once we start placing these labels on ourselves, it’s hard to change them. If you said to someone you like reading in your first encounter with them, you’re automatically labeled as a bookworm in their eyes. And you can hardly change it.

I think we need to stop looking at personality traits as identifiers, stop pushing people to figure out more about themselves if they aren’t sure yet. Or, we need to stop shaming people who change their minds. Just because I used to like something, it doesn’t mean I have to like it for all of eternity!

This came to me a while ago, when I was contemplating my sleeping schedule. I used to pride myself on being such an early bird. I’d wake up before anyone in my house, and I was always happy to start the day. Now, looking on my sleeping times and reluctance to wake up in the mornings, I feel as if I’ve reprogrammed my brain into being a night owl. At first, it bothered me. Right now, the about of my blog still states I’m an early bird. I almost feel like a fake. Like I lied.

But it was true once, wasn’t it? I still like mornings, my body alarms have just changed with my changing schedule. Who knows, with summer starting, I might even go back to my old ways without having too much to worry about finishing before the day ends. Things like what time of day you prefer aren’t set in stone, so we should stop thinking of them that way. If you personally feel like there’s something about yourself, something you do, a habit or routine you feel like you can’t shake because you’ve already made it a part of yourself, you should try and change your mindset. If you want to do something new, go for it!

Habits aren’t impossible to make or break, and neither are our own personal traits. Aren’t we always trying to improve ourselves? If someone has a habit of not thinking before they speak, wouldn’t they be encouraged to learn to? Changing your own self is hardly any different. We need to stop thinking of our personalities as parts of ourselves we unlock over time and then implant in ourselves; rather, they’re simply who we are in certain places in our journeys through life.

A few months ago, I was an early bird, and I was happy about it. It worked with my schedule and made me feel accomplished. Now, I’m somewhere in between, and I’m happy still. Rewiring yourself however you want isn’t as hard as you think, and it isn’t a bad thing either.

To touch on a different part of this topic- don’t give excuses for your bad habits. If something you do is actually hurting you and you think you can maybe put a stop to it, don’t try and convince yourself it’s a part of you to make yourself feel better.

To put it all together, I guess what I’m trying to say is this- don’t feel like you have an obligation to figure everything out about yourself, even if they might seem like simple things you “should” have answers to. Ever heard the quote, “The only walls are the ones you set for yourself”? You don’t have to box yourself into something. You don’t have to label yourself- to devote yourself to an artist because you liked one of their works, or to decorate your room a certain way because you supposedly have a ‘style’. Humans are unique and special and we like different things, think different ways as time goes on. I’ll end with this- be yourself. Not yesterday you, not last year you, not who your friend’s see you as you- just you!

And, happy summer! I’ll be having more time to write longer posts and more frequently in general! Enjoy the sunshine! 🙂

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