Up Your Online School Game

Lots of schools have adopted online schooling as a form of keeping contact to a minimum for covid safety measures. This means online meetings, lots of google docs, pictures of work, and a lot less social activities. Needless to say, it’s hard. When you’ve been used to regular schooling all your life and online school just jumps in your way,…

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Personal, Poetry

to the girl who hurt me (a poem)

As a quick preface to this- I went through a lot of friendship drama a couple years ago, and this poem is a sum up of all my feelings towards the event. Obviously, I use no names, but that’s just background information. I’m much happier now and have better friends. Without further ado, the poem: This is to the girl…

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Bullet Journaling

2021 Bullet Journal SetUp

The numbers have spoken, and after stressfully refreshing the poll, with a majority vote, the Bullet Journal setup wins! There was a four way tie at one point, and I was so relieved when one finally took the lead. I’m also very glad this is your choice, because it forces me to actually do some bullet journaling. I can be…

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Miscellaneous, Organization, Personal

New Year’s Reflections

Welcoming 2021 Wow. This is it. We’re hitting the home stretch of 2020. This interesting year is almost coming to an end. It’s been filled with adventures, some good, some most certainly questionable. Regardless, we’ll likely remember it for the rest of our lives. This one’s going down in the history books guys. Congrats, you officially lived through LOTS AND…

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