Life. Is.Hectic. Sometimes, even with all the to-do lists in the world and a schedule that’s telling you what to be doing at all times, life gets a little crazy. That’s only normal.

There are probably billions of different ways to stay organized, and I want to blog about some of them, and which ones work for me. With that, I also want to use this category to blog about ways to be more productive, like how to wake up earlier and make effective scheduales.

Maybe you want to try a to-do list app, or buy a planner, but you don’t know if it’ll work. I might be able to try it for you, and tell you how it went. If you have any suggestions for posts in this area, comment on this post. I’ll try and do whatever I can.

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Amany is a writer, a reader, and an eater. She's described as sunny and sweet by most. She is a Taurus and a Mediator. She likes to write (a lot), read (obsessively), talk (too much, apparently), eat(everything), draw(sometimes), swim(when in the right mood), and play violin/flute. Her other hobbies buying new notebooks that will never be used. Right now, she is probably writing, drowning in her neverending pile of homework, or scrolling through Pinterest.
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