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My Thoughts On The Pomodoro Timer Technique

The Pomodoro Timer Technique is a timing technique meant to help you get work done and be productive whilst giving yourself the breaks you deserve. I’m going to be giving an explanation of what actually is the Pomodoro technique, how it’s used, and whether or not I recommend it.


So, what is the Pomodoro technique?

It’s a productivity technique widely used for studying and other things to be able to get work done in a short amount of time.

Basically, it works like this…

First, you get your to-do list ready. What do you want to complete in your study session?

Then, you set one specific task you can finish in about 25 minutes.

You set a timer for twenty five minutes and focus on completing this task. After the timer rings, take a five minute break and repeat the process with another task.

When you’ve done four twenty-five-minute intervals of work/studying, or Pomodoro sessions, take a longer break of about 20-30 minutes. You repeat this cycle until you’re done working for the day.

My Thoughts

Virtually, this technique seems pretty good. You get your rest times, and adequate amounts of work too. I generally opt for turning to this technique when I’m extremely unmotivated to complete my homework because, in a way, it forces my body into study mode. Having set times when I don’t feel like doing something helps me a lot(like with writing or cleaning).

However, like with all great things, I’ve found small ways the method is flawed, at least for me.

The main focus in this method is to be able to stay focused on one thing for a full twenty-five-minute interval. You’re supposed to eliminate distractions and then give yourself the reward of a five-minute break at the end. The problem is, for me, I literally cannot delete distractions from my life. I don’t live alone. I cannot lock my door and shut myself out from my family. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy living with a big family and love my siblings and parents to death, but the number of times I get called out of my room to ‘Come here for a sec’ or ‘Take your baby sister to the bathroom‘ is infinite. It gets really annoying when I decide to go by the Pomodoro method to have to pause the timer five times a session. It’s even more annoying when I forget to pause, and study time melts from my timer. I’m not even joking, the second I start my timer, it’s like the whole world suddenly needs me.

If you’re someone who knows with certainty they won’t be interrupted or distracted in a study session, then this problem won’t really apply to you. But if you are, keep in mind that the Pomodoro method will slowly lose effectiveness and meaning the more you pause the timer.

This method is also very self-discipline-centered. If you know that you can’t stop yourself from checking social media five times a minute or checking some other time-wasting tab on your device then this won’t magically make you productive. Wasting your twenty-five-minute intervals and then giving yourself longer than five-minute breaks will still leave you with an unfinished to-do list in the end. So use the method wisely and get yourself into the right study mindset beforehand.

Do I recommend it?

Yes….and no. Like I said before, this method does have its ups and downs. If you can’t sit for long amounts of time and are constantly having your studying interrupted then I recommend finding another way to study. But if you need a push to finish your homework, work best with timers, and are constantly forgetting to give yourself a rest, then now might be the time to give the Pomodoro Method a try!


My favorite website to use for my Pomodoro Timing is , especially because you can put in your tasks on the bottom. I usually split screen my computer so I can see the timer on the side.

Overall, the Pomodoro timing method is a pretty useful technique for studying and staying focused. If you’re looking for new study methods, maybe give it a try.

Which study/organization method should I try next?

If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or suggestion! I’m making a study method/organization method series, so let me know what you want my opinion on next.

Thanks for reading and happy studying!

PS. If you were wondering- it’s called the Pomodoro technique because of those little tomato timers, which are called ‘Pomodoro’s and only time for twenty-five minutes max. So, you’re supposed to do one Pomodoro, a rest, another, and so on…

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