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Welcome to the religious part of my blog! In this category, I want to mostly explore controversial topics in the islamic community. I want to also talk about some things I have experienced by being a muslim girl who wears hijab.

This section of my blog is not reserved for Muslims, however. I aim to talk about how close to each other each faith group is, and I want to answer questions people from other religions might have.

Now, I’m no scholar, and I can’t say all my information is 100% accurate. But, I will do my research, and I will mostly be talking about opinionated topics anyway. If you have questions about Islam, ask away in the comments! I’ll try my best to make a post answering it.

Remember, there are no dumb questions. See you around my blog!😁

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498 thoughts on “Islam/Religious Discussions

  1. Hey Amany! This is more of a question for you and other people if they wanna join in. And yeah this is opinionated.

    So, do you think wearing a hijab Is really fair? Well, I know in other countries it’s not necessary and that in some countries it is. But I’ve seen a lot of Muslims still wearing one even though it’s not compulsory. So, do you enjoy wearing one, or do you think you have to and don’t like it?

    1. Hello Rachel!

      Thank you so so much for asking, this is such a great question.
      To answer it briefly- yes, I do think wearing a hijab is fair. However, I do not believe in forcing religion upon people, and I don’t think any Muslims should be forced to wear the hijab, whether by their parents or otherwise. In regards to my religion and faith, wearing a hijab is the right thing to do. It’s one of the rulings that I am obligated to follow as a Muslim woman, it has nothing to do with where I live. I chose, myself, when I was about 8 and a half to put on the hijab, because I wanted to and because I love my religion, not because anyone forced it on me. Of course, it was very nice and helpful to have my mom and sister both wearing one before me, but I’ve never felt that I’m doing something I don’t want to do when I put on my scarf. It’s something that’s become a part of me now. While it is true that some countries in the Middle East have hijab as something mandatory for all their citizens, and I don’t agree with that, I do believe that it is something that is mandatory for Muslims. I’ll be answering this more in-depth in a post in the very near future, so stay tuned for that.
      Hope this helped!

  2. Hi Amany!!!

    I’m not a Muslim, but a Hindu by birth and I find Islamic traditions and culture really fascinating! I have a best friend and a few other really close friends who are Muslim! Just to make sure she remains anonymous (best friend), I’ll simply call her Z.

    I know a few things since Z told me. She also wears a Hijab and is very devoted. I actually used to think that it is compulsory to wear a Hijab but she told me that it’s actually because she chooses to. I’ve watched this video on Hijabs and Islamic traditions and they said it was to differentiate but make the woman equal? I didn’t really understand though.

    I hope to hear from you soon!!!


    1. That’s so cool! I’ve never met someone of the religion.
      To answer your question- it IS compulsory as a Muslim to wear the hijab. However, as a truly devoted Muslim, no parents or partners should have to actually force the hijab on you. I wear the hijab because I believe it is mandatory in my faith, not because my parents have told me to. I think that’s what your friend was getting at. We wear the hijab for modesty, to hide our beauty, and to protect ourselves as women. At the end of the day, faith needs no explanation, and I do what I believe I must do in my religion. I hope this helps!

      1. Yeah!

        Oh, ok! I have another friend, M and she doesn’t wear a hijab, although her mum does. She told me she isn’t planning to wear it in the future, so yeah. And I definitely agree, forcing someone to do something might make them feel like a bird in a cage, they just have to have the want to do it.

        That great, I understand what you are saying about protecting yourself as a woman, I mean the world isn’t the safest place all the time for girls, that’s what my dad says. Yes, this definitely helps!

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